Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How was everyone's New Year?!?!?!
Mine was pretty average, not much really happened.
Mthatha has slowed down a bit during these holiday season but we are still trying our best to see people.
Grace is the one person who I have the highest of hopes for.  She has bee progressing a lot lately and just loves all the stuff that we have been teaching her.  She came to church yesterday and it seems that everyone is fellowshipping her really well.
The only downside is that she is going to Zimbabwe at the end a January and doesn't know if she'll be coming back.  Oh well, even though I would love to see her get baptised, I know that she can find the gospel anywhere.
For new years the whole district sat around the boarding not doing much due to us not being able to go out into the area (a lot of people like to get tipsy...we were protecting ourselves.)  I think this was the first new years in many many years that I wasn't awake when midnight hit...I woke up but it was due to the sounds of fireworks outside.  I wished my district happy new year and then rolled over and went back to sleep. I'm such a party eh?
Yesterday we had wonderfrul testimony meeting at church...the people here are so strong in the is awesome.
I feel at lost of words today, don't know why. Sorry guys.
We have been painting a roof these last couple weeks and on saturday we conquered a large chunk of it. GO us...I'm peeling from the sunburn. Oh well, the service is worth it!
Well everyone, I hope that you have a wonderful year this year, I'll be joining you very soon! Almost scary how soon!


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