Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello everyone.
Today is the first monday of my 13th transfer on mission. It is crazy how time flies.
this week has been an interesting one I can say, we had transfers and everything and things got a bit mixed up but I'm glad to report that I'm still out here in good old Mthatha.
I did though get a new companion....his name is Elder Mukongoro from Kenya. He is pretty cool so far, he's been out for a grand total of six months. Do you think the church would let me switch places with him? I wouldn't mind still having 18 months left.  I don't like how quick all this goes by.
This week we have been picking up the pieces from the Holiday break...most of our investigators are coming back and we are starting to be somewhat busy again. i love it, keeps my mind focused and centered on the work!  We had a wonderful service at the Church yesterday, mostly the missionaries ran the show with all the other elders giving talks and with me teaching priesthood.  I'm getting kinda good at this whole teaching people thing.  Kinda like it :)
We had a wonderful lesson with Grace...she is progressing so fast, it blows my mind! The only downside is that she is leaving for Zim next week....shame, oh well.
Well, hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far!!! I love you all!!!
Sorry yet again with photos...this computer is being stupid like most of them here.


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