Monday, January 16, 2012


 That's right, I ate boiled eggs for breakfast...about three of them. I had boiled 11 eggs, don't know why but when I got to the third egg, I was done. Too much for me. maybe I'll make a sandwich for lunch today. Why am I saying this, I don't know.

This week has been a week full of ups and downs. the ups included friday, a day that we were supposed to not have any appointments but the end of the day, I realized that we had stayed busy the whole day. It was incredible. We did a lot of tracting but it was a great day.

Saturday was a day that was a downer. we were to be busy the whole day with seeing people but low and behold, only one of our appointments held.  It was with Grace, another powerful lesson with her. so sad she's leaving the area.

I guess mission is just like that, has it's ups and it's downs. Helps me learn disappointment and makes me look at the good things in life with a bit more appreciation.  As I ponder about where I am on mission and what I am going to do for the six months and what kind of missionary I want to be when I go home...a scripture in John 7:17-18 comes to mind. I need to focus on my Father's will and not worry about home.  I love it out here and I'm glad to be serving!

Thanks for everyone who gives me support, couldn't do it with out you!



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