Wednesday, February 15, 2012

moses served in the wilderness for 40 years... this is nothin'

Well everyone, this week has been interesting.

Things didn't go quite as planned, we had a lot of dropped appointments and a lot of hunting and finding.  It has been a long week but I'm glad that I lived it because I'm stronger because of all those things!

The highlight of the week was the lessons with Sihle. She will be baptized next week saturday and then confirmed on Sunday.  She has a real, strong desire even though she struggles with english.  As she grows and learns more in the church, she will become a very powerful member.  Yesterday we read with her in 1 nephi 8 and we used objects around us to recreate Lehi's vision. A weed was the tree of life, the dirt was the field, a stick was the iron forth. It was a great lesson. I like teaching outside!

Elder Mukongoro and I are doing well together despite our cultural differences and barriers.  He is a very powerful missionary and I'm grateful to be serving with him!

Transfers is next week. I am completely dumbfounded on what is going to happen.  Have not a clue of whether I will be staying or I'll be going, whatever it is, it is with the Lord. 

Sorry this is short but I have to go!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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